English translation

刈谷プラザホテルに宿泊しました Stayed at Kariya Plaza Hotel


This time I went on a business trip to Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.


I stayed at the Kariya Plaza Hotel.

コスパよし 部屋は普通サイズ Good cost performance, room is normal size



The size of the room was the size of a single room in a general business hotel.


The room size is not so big and not so small.


It was fine for a business trip.


The bathtub was the type where you adjust the temperature of the water by yourself.


However, the bathtub was so clean that I thought it was brand new.



The bottom of the bathtub seems to be deep.


I could sit in the bathtub up to my shoulders.

I don’t mind taking a bath, but when I am alone, I just take a shower.

I feel that taking a hot bath exhausts me, so I only fill the bathtub with hot water when I am very tired.

Now my wife and children take a bath, so I take a bath with them.

It is hard to share the feeling of being tired when I take a bath.

So I looked up baths on the internet.

The benefits of taking a bath include

1) Warms the body
2) Promotes the elimination of waste and fatigue
3) Blood and lymph flow improves.
4) Increases cardiopulmonary function.
5) Relaxes the mood.

As I see it, this is a good thing.

There are two ways to take a bath.

They are full body bath and half body bath.

A full-body bath is one in which the body takes a bath up to the shoulders.

Since the whole body is immersed, the body can be warmed in a short time.

The effect of the water pressure improves blood flow, making it easier to relieve stiffness and fatigue.

However, because of the water pressure, it is a bit strenuous on the body.

This seems to be what I was feeling.

If you do not want to put a burden on your heart and lungs, we recommend the half-body bathing method described below.

A half-body bath is one in which you take a bath up to about the level of your solar plexus.

You can stay in the water for a longer period of time with less stress on your body.

This is effective in reducing swelling.

However, it takes time for the body to warm up, so care should be taken not to let the upper body get cold.

As a result of our research, we found that taking a bath is full of good things.

I would like to take care of my body by combining a full-body bath and a half-body bath.

Even if it is a hassle, I will take a bath instead of just taking a shower.

Let’s work together.

朝食は早めにいくのがよい It is better to go early for breakfast.


It is better to go early for breakfast.



The number of side dishes is limited. If you go a little late, you can’t choose.


If you go early, you may be able to find curry.

周辺情報 Nearby information


There is a parking lot nearby.


It is safe even if you bring a car.


There are 4 convenience stores nearby, so it is very convenient.