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初めての投票 参院選 First vote: House of Councilors election



I went to vote in an election for the first time in my mid-30s.



I’m pretty old now, so I thought it was about time to go there.


I also liked that the voting location was surprisingly close.

準備するもの Things to prepare



There is only one thing you need to prepare when voting.


This is an election postcard that will be mailed in advance.


You will need the admission ticket included in your election postcard.


This alone will greatly lower the hurdles for voting.


The less you have to prepare, the better.


It was the smallest unit, 1.

選挙会場ですること What to do at the election venue


The actual voting was very easy.


The venue was empty, so it was over in about 5 minutes.


First, give your admission ticket to the receptionist.



It will then be checked and returned to you, so you can pass it on to the next receptionist.



You will then receive an election ballot, write the candidate’s name on it and place it in the ballot box.


You might think this is the end, but it’s actually not.


After placing your ballot in the ballot box, you will receive another ballot.



This is a piece of paper for proportional representation, so write the name of the candidate or party and put it in the ballot box.


That’s it.


It wasn’t long until the end.


I never thought I would vote twice.


This is a point to be careful of.

出口調査もありました There was also an exit poll.


At the exit, I was approached by a person from NHK.


Apparently they are doing an exit poll.


Definitely an exit.


All I had to do was make a few inputs on the touchpad.


Exit polls are somewhere between digital and analog.


It’s a little interesting.


The first election was surprisingly easy.


If that’s all there is to it, I might say it next time.

Memo: Proposed improvements to the electoral system

I thought about ways to improve elections and politics.

I think Japan will become even better if this is implemented.

online voting

I think the biggest benefit of online voting is that it increases voter turnout.

It is quite troublesome to go all the way to a polling place just to vote.

If you vote online, you can vote from home or on the go, so I think the turnout will increase.

Additionally, since there is no need to create a separate voting venue, personnel costs can be reduced.

There are at least 10 people at the polling station at all times, including people at the reception desk, people watching the votes, and guides.

And it’s on a day off. You can eliminate working on holidays.

One of the criticisms of online voting is that elderly people cannot use it.

This criticism is wrong.

Even elderly people can use the internet.

When I go to the tax return filing venue, most of the people I see are elderly people, but they are also doing the process online.

Therefore, it is wrong to say that elderly people cannot vote online, and in fact, I feel like it makes fun of elderly people.

presidential system

Currently, Japan’s prime minister is the head of the party that wins the most seats in the vote.

There is no problem in the case of a sufficiently powerful political party or prime minister.

I think Japan today is determined by inertia.

I feel like it has become the current political party by process of elimination because there is no place I actively want to vote for.

The current prime minister is kind to businesses, the elderly, people on welfare, and foreigners.

Because companies provide funding. Elderly people go to vote. If you are kind to welfare recipients and foreigners, you can feel like you worked for less money.

I feel like we are neglecting the working generation, the parenting generation, and the young.

The percentage of people who vote is low, and the members of parliament are elderly, so it feels like they are neglecting young people. And he is tax-increasing glasses.

If we have a presidential system, at least we will have a form of our choice, so there will be less dissatisfaction.

And since the people who vote are both individuals and Japanese people, I think they will conduct politics in our favor.

I will end this article with the hope that this will change.

In the end, this part is written in English, so only people from other countries will read it, my bad :p.