English translation

ゴルフ場のホテルってどんなの?ホテルユニオンヴェール What is a golf course hotel like? Hotel Unionvale


I am on a business trip to Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.


This time I stayed at a golf course hotel.




I don’t usually play golf, so this is my first time at a golf course, and also my first time at a golf course hotel.

部屋すごく広い The room is very spacious.


The room is very spacious.


I was surprised.


There is a glass wall next to the bed in the style of a love hotel.


The bathroom is also spacious.


It is so spacious that you would think it was a ryokan.It is so spacious that you would think it was a ryokan.


There is a golf program list in front of the TV.



The room is too big and the distance from the bed to the TV is far.

その他情報 Other Information

コスト cost


Accommodation fees vary considerably depending on the day.



Sunday through Thursday are about the price of a regular business hotel.

Friday and Saturday are too expensive for business travelers.


Please be careful if you are staying for consecutive nights.

周辺情報 Neighborhood Information



The hotel is located on a golf course, so there is nothing around.



You need to eat outside or buy food at a convenience store.


However, the view is wonderful because there is nothing around.

My impression of golf

I know golf.

I used to play a game called Everybody’s Golf. I played it on PlayStation 2.

I liked the game a lot and played it for a long time.

But I don’t want to actually play golf in real life.

I have a bad impression of it.

When I start playing golf, I often play golf for company.

There are many events to participate in, such as company golf tournaments, golf for entertainment with customers, and golf during company trips.

It seems that golfers give up their vacation time to participate.

They can’t take time off even though it is their day off, they have to take care of themselves, and they don’t receive any benefits for working on their days off.

And the equipment is expensive. And they are big and bulky. It is out of the way to leave at home.

I think this is what is wrong with golf in Japan.

If this bad culture is eliminated, I think it will become more popular.

In the meantime, I would like to enjoy Everybody’s Golf on PlayStation.

By the way, my favorite characters are King and Suzuki.

People’s tastes and interests are different, so I won’t say anything about them.

So please don’t say anything about the fact that I don’t play golf.

I want to spend my time doing what I want to do.