English translation

パソコンのすごい便利機能 snipping tool The snipping tool is an amazingly convenient feature of the PC


I was told about a convenient feature on my computer.

その名もsnipping tool

Its name is snipping tool.


It replaces the print screen.

sniping tool とは What is sniping tool?


It is an application in windows accessories.


Its two main functions are as follows


Cutting of the display screen


Processing of the snipped image




For example, you can draw pictures and lines.


You can also cut the cutout into any shape.


It is very convenient.

ショートカットキーでさらに便利 Even more convenient with shortcut keys

ショートカットキーがあります There is a shortcut key

Windowsキー + shift + S



You can cut out by pressing the three buttons: Windows key + shift + S.



It is quite convenient and can be used for both work and private use.


It will definitely increase your efficiency!

Where efficiency is necessary

I think that the part that seeks efficiency is the part where the result will be the same no matter who does it.

Do not make people think about the work that requires efficiency. If you think, you will make mistakes. This is the kind of work that is handled mechanically.

This includes simple tasks such as working on a factory line, packing boxes and bags, and assembly that does not require precision.

These clearly do not need to be done by human beings.

I think we should promote labor saving by using machines and robots, or by using sophisticated computers and software.

We need to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on human workers.

In other words, the work that should not seek efficiency is the work that people think about.

These include planning, design, work that requires precision, and sales.

Work that requires precision cannot be done by idiots. It needs to be adjusted each time.

Salespeople also need to think about what the other person wants.

You don’t need a sales person for something you can buy on amazon.

I work with thought, so don’t just ask for efficiency.

Shut up already.

If you have a problem with me, it is your responsibility to give me detailed instructions.

I will only do as instructed.

I’m sure the customers will complain.

I can’t say this directly to my boss, so I had to complain here.

I understand what my boss is saying, but I have my own situation.

I wish they would think about that.

This is all I have to say for today because it’s getting too much.

Good night.