English translation

鬼辛焼きそばREDを食べます Eat spicy yakisoba RED


I feel like I’m eating a lot of spicy food.


This time it’s super cup spicy yakisoba.


It takes 5 minutes to add hot water.

つくるよー I’ll make it


Inside the cup noodles are instant ingredients, seasoning sauce, and furikake.


Open the instant filling over the noodles and pour hot water over it.


Discard the hot water, add the seasoning and mix.


The seasoning sauce is red.


Finally, add furikake to complete the dish.

たべてみるよー I’ll try it


it’s spicy.


It’s spicy, but I can eat it well.


It’s spicy even though I can eat well.


If it’s too spicy, I won’t be able to eat it, and it will just be a form of training.


If the spiciness is weak, it’s not enough.


This spiciness is exquisite.




The noodles are a bit oily. It’s like a super cup.


The oiliness may be what makes the spiciness mild.


As it cools down, the oil will drain and it will be easier to eat.


It’s delicious even when it’s cold.


This is recommended.

Memo: Various spiciness

There are many different types of spiciness.

There are various things such as things that make you feel hot and things that make you feel numb.

I researched these types.

Type of spiciness


It’s spicy with lots of spices.

chili pepper etc.

This is an expression often used when describing a hot, spicy flavor.

It’s like the feeling you get when you eat chili peppers.

I think it’s ra in Chinese.

The spicy ingredient is capsaicin.

It has a sweating effect.

Pepper, Japanese pepper, etc.

Used when the pain is numbing.

Spicy is also used when traditional Asian spices from Japan, China, etc. are used.

I think it’s ma in Chinese.

The spicy ingredient is sanshool.

It is said that it is also called peppey when limited to pepper.

The spicy ingredient in pepper is piperine.

In addition to having beneficial effects on the body, it also has antibacterial and preservative effects on food.


It’s so spicy that it hits your nose.

The spiciness is strong, but it wears off relatively quickly.

It’s the feeling you get when you eat wasabi or mustard.

The spicy ingredient is Allyl isothiocyanate.

It has high antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Separately, ginger seems to be a spicy ingredient called Shogaol.

It seems to have the effect of aiding digestion and absorption.

I think the spiciness of green onions such as onions is also sharp.

I regret eating really spicy things like green onions.


It tastes salty when you add too much salt, soy sauce, miso, etc.


Even if you say it’s spicy, you have your likes and dislikes.

If it’s too spicy, it’s painful.

What kind of spiciness do you like?

If you have a spiciness that you have never tried before, why not try it?

You can have a new experience.

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