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洗濯機のおすすめ機能 Recommended functions of washing machines


A washing machine is a frequently purchased appliance for a large purchase.


  • 進学・就職などの新生活スタート時
  • メーカー・家電量販店の保証期間経過後の故障時
  • ライフスタイルの変化があった時(洗濯容量UP or DOWN)

You may consider purchasing a washing machine at these times.

At the start of a new life, such as when going on to higher education or starting a new job

When a breakdown occurs after the warranty period of the manufacturer or appliance retailer has passed.

When there is a change in lifestyle (increase or decrease in washing capacity)



The functions I am about to introduce are The functions I am going to introduce here are the ones I actually use.


Once you use them, they are so convenient that you will not be able to return to them.


You can feel the development of human civilization at first hand.


I hope this will encourage those who are not sure whether to purchase one or not.

乾燥機能 圧倒的時短能力 Drying function: overwhelming shortening of time

便利機能 Convenience Functions



Washing machine drying functions include complete drying and partial drying with airflow.


I recommend the complete drying type.


  1. 洗濯が終わるまで待つ時間がなくなる
  2. 洗濯物を運ぶ時間がなくなる
  3. 洗濯物を干す時間がなくなる

A washing machine with a complete drying function has three time-saving effects.

No more time spent waiting for the laundry to finish

No more time spent carrying laundry

No more time spent hanging laundry out to dry


  1. 洗濯物を干してから外出 → 洗濯機をスタートさせたら外出
  2. 洗濯物をもってベランダへ → 洗濯物を畳んでタンスへ
  3. 洗濯物を干す → 余暇の時間を楽しむ

The shortening effect changes your daily life in this way.

Go out after hanging the laundry → Start the washing machine and go out

Take the laundry to the balcony → Fold the laundry and put it in the wardrobe

Hang the laundry out to dry → Enjoy your leisure time


Time can be bought with money.



Create more time for family gatherings, hobbies, and lounging around!

Time is money

There are surprisingly many ways to buy time for money.

The following are two types of time that I consider to be wasted

Travel time

Household time

Travel time depends on the speed of travel.

Bicycle is better than walking, car is better than bicycle, bullet train is better than car, airplane is better than bullet train, and so on.

The more money you spend, the faster you can travel, which gives you more time.

Housework time depends on the convenience of tools.

In addition to washing machines like this one, there are automatic vacuum cleaners such as Roomba, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and so on.

These are like choosing pinpoint functions.

Cheap ones have low performance, but expensive ones do not have good performance.

It is necessary to consider the balance between usability and cost after actually using the product.

In any case, there is no doubt that spending money will give you more time.

You can use the extra time for refreshment, personal growth, and various other purposes.

Free time is the best.

It’s worth it.

洗剤自動投入 便利すぎるその効果  Automatic Detergent Filler – Too Convenient and Effective 



Automatic detergent loading is a function that automatically loads detergent depending on the amount of laundry.


It is convenient like a laundromat.


A certain amount of detergent is placed in the washer in advance.


  1. 毎回適切な量の洗剤を投入してくれる
  2. 洗剤の補給頻度が少ないため、手が汚れない
  3. 洗剤の保管場所が省スペース

The convenience effects are as follows

Appropriate amount of detergent is put in each time.

Less frequent refilling of detergent keeps hands clean

Saves space for detergent storage


  1. 洗濯物の量を見て洗剤の量を調整 → 洗濯機のボタンを押すだけ
  2. いつのまにか汚れている洗剤のボトルにイラつく → ストレスフリー
  3. 汚れた洗剤ボトル+詰め替え用洗剤を常備 → 詰め替え用洗剤のみ常備

The convenience effects will change your daily life in this way.

Adjust the amount of detergent by watching the amount of laundry → Simply press a button on the washing machine

Irritated by dirty detergent bottles before you know it → Stress-free

Always have a dirty detergent bottle + refillable detergent → Always have only refillable detergent


It’s so convenient!


Let’s make it as hassle-free as possible!

まとめ Conclusion




I have introduced the drying function and automatic detergent loading as recommended features of washing machines.



I run the washing machine three times a day (once for children and twice for adults).


These functions are ones that I have actually used and found very convenient.



I hope you will find them useful, whether you are busy with your daily life or simply a family with a lot of laundry to do!