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ライフハック!卵焼きの焼き方に気づく Life hack! Notice how the egg rolls are cooked.



I have been making egg rolls for quite a while now and noticed an easy way to make them.



I couldn’t get it right in the past, but I’m finally getting it right.

週末料理 副菜と卵焼きとみそ汁と Weekend Cooking: Side dish, fried egg, miso soup 建国記念日だった木曜日の日に料理をしました。 I cooked on Thursday, which was National ...

今までは奥から手前に Previously, from back to front



I used to place the egg rolls in the back and pour the eggs in the front.


And roll it from the back to the front.



This method doesn’t always work at the end when the egg roll hits the handle of the pan.

手前から奥に転がす Roll from front to back




Put the egg roll in front of me and roll it toward the back.

It rolls nicely all the way to the end.


Great find.

これぞライフハックか Is this a life hack




I am always looking for ways to improve and make it better and tastier.


I’m getting good at egg rolls.


I will keep up the good work.

I think there are pros and cons about cleaning it up to the end.

80% of the workmanship is done in 20% of the total time, and from 80% to 100% uses 80% of the total time.

The point is that it may not be efficient to make it perfect all the way to the end.

I am not very good at finishing cleanly to the end either.

At work, I ask my boss to check my work at 80% and at 100%.

If there is a mistake in the part up to 80%, it will affect the fundamental part of the project.

That part needs to be addressed immediately.

However, I feel that the last 80% to 100% depends a lot on one’ s senses.

If there is a difference between your sense and your supervisor’s sense, the plan will not progress at all.

Since the sense differs depending on the supervisor who checks the plan, he or she may say something completely opposite.

For example, my boss’s boss.

The worst is when an even more senior person comes to take a peek at your work on a whim.

They will say whatever comes to their mind for the sake of their own dignity.

They say things that really don’t matter and are difficult to fix.

They are a great person and you have to deal with them. Only such a guy remembers what he said and asks me afterwards.

They are really depressing.

What should I do?

The best thing is not to deal with them, but that is very difficult.

So I thought about it.

It is really difficult to change people.

So I will change myself.

Specifically, I give up.

I think the final touch is not a little bit my own persistence and pride.

But is that really necessary?

If there is a benefit to doing it or if it leads to a major accident, you need to push through.

But I think that has been cleared up to almost 80%.

If it is a matter that changes in the sense of your boss, you can deal with that.

If it is really bad, the boss will do his best to fix it. We will probably sense it at that time.

But even then, if a customer complains, it needs to be fixed.

Let’s divide ourselves into 80% that we can do our job, and put all of our commitment and pride into 80%.

The remaining 20% should be suggestions.

I think it is important to have that kind of mindset.

It is good to always give your all, but it is also important to relax.

If you give it your all too much, your body or mind will break down.

Practice cutting corners.

Taking a break is also work.

At any rate, this is what I want to say most to my wife.