English translation

岡崎サンホテルに宿泊しました I stayed at Okazaki Sun Hotel


It is Golden Week, but I am working again.


This time I stayed at Okazaki Sun Hotel.


This is the second time I have stayed at this hotel.


As usual, it is the best in terms of cosmopolitanism.


It was 4,000 yen per night for a single room.

部屋の様子 The room


This hotel seems to be a member of the A group.



I don’t know if this is a feature of the hotel, but the rooms are relatively spacious.


The hallway is also fairly wide, and you can put your luggage on the floor.


The bathrooms and bathtubs are also adequate.


The hot water is self-adjustable.

周辺情報 Surroundings


Parking is located behind the hotel.


There is a parking lot right behind and across the street from the back of the hotel.



If that lot is full, you will need to use a nearby paid parking lot. If that lot is full, you will need to use a nearby paid parking lot.


If the parking lot is full, please check with the front desk staff.


There are several izakaya (Japanese style pubs) in the area when you want to have dinner.



It is also about a 10-minute walk to Higashi-Okazaki Station, so you may be able to eat in front of the station. You may eat in front of the station.



There is also a Mini-Stop about a 2-minute walk away. You can also eat in your room.


You can also eat at a low price.


I recommend it.

サンホテル岡崎に泊まりました Stayed at Sun Hotel Okazaki 愛知出張となりました。 It was a business trip to Aichi. 今回はサンホテル岡崎に宿...

Note: Day of the week

The most famous thing about the Sun is the fixed star Sun.

I think the next most famous one is Sunday.

Sunday’s sun is plainly the star sun, but the other days of the week are not so clear.

The other days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

In Japanese, the days of the week are written in order from Sunday: sun, moon, fire, water, tree, gold, and soil.

I don’t know, so I did a little research on the Internet.

The days of the week are planets

The days of the week seem to be the names of planets.

They are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

In Japanese, when a star is written in kanji, the first letter of the star is used as the day of the week.

It is easy to understand.

The order of the stars except for the sun seems to be the order of their distance from the earth.

English is God

The names of the planets in English are not the same as the names of the planets.

I was told that God is assigned to each planet, and that it is based on that.

Sunday is Sol (SUN), goddess of the sun.

Monday is Mani (Moon), goddess of the moon.

Tuesday is Tyr, god of war.

Wednesday is Odin (woden), the supreme god.

Thursday was Thor, god of thunder.

Friday is Freyia, god of love.

Saturday is Saturunus, god of agriculture.

It is quite a nice combination.

This fashionable way of calling the gods with a little variation is quite nice.

I learned a lot. Thank you very much.