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簡単料理 ピーマンの海苔和えをつくりました Easy Cooking: Green Peppers with Nori Seaweed


Today I made yakisoba as the main dish for dinner.



And as side dishes, I made green pepper with seaweed, potato salad, and fried egg.

意外と簡単 ピーマンの海苔和え Green Peppers with Dried green Seaweed is surprisingly easy to make


This is my first time making this dish.


This dish can also be made in the microwave.

Here is a dish that uses a microwave oven to make it well.↓

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These are the two materials we have prepared.

4 green peppers and dried green seaweed.

The dreid green seaweed is called aonori in Japan.



The seasonings are as follows.

1 tablespoon soy sauce,

1 tablespoon mirin

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1/4 teaspoon Japanese soup stock


The cooking method is as follows.


・Slice the peppers into piece


・Combine the peppers with the seasonings


・Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 4 minutes


・Unlapped and microwaved for 4 minutes


・Serve with dried green seaweed


It was easy, but it turned out delicious.


I really like the flavour of dried green seaweed.

It like sea flavour.

Nori (seaweed) can be digested by anyone if it is heated. Even if you are not Japanese.

安定感抜群 焼きそば Yakisoba is very stable


I’ve been making yakisoba a lot since I was a kid.

I can always make it well.




My children ate only noodles and meat, and not many vegetables.

My wife and I ate a lot of vegetables for that.

Cabbage in yakisoba is really delicious.

The sweetness of the roasted cabbage and the yakisoba sauce go together perfectly.

I also often eat instant yakisoba.

Some of the instant yakisoba noodles contain freeze-dried cabbage.

I don’t like the freeze-dried cabbage.

I like the combination of grilled sweet cabbage and yakisoba sauce.

Here is a recommended method for making bagged noodle type yakisoba.

This is my favorite way to make it.

And it’s very easy.

Saute the cabbage, and when it starts to soften a little, add the noodles.

The water from the cabbage will steam the noodles.

I think this transfers the flavor and sweetness of the cabbage to the noodles.

When the noodles are soft, add the sauce.

Once the sauce is mixed in with the noodles, it is ready.

The key to this method is to steam the noodles with the water from the cabbage.

You can also add water to steam the noodles.

However, I think that would make the whole thing watery.

Try it once.


The leftover yakisoba will be taken for tomorrow’s lunch.

ポテサラに彩りをプラス I added some color to the usual potato salad!


For this potato salad, I added frozen mixed vegetables.



This is also good because it can be colored with green peas and corn.

You can cook the frozen mixed veggies with the potatoes, so there is no hassle.

This alone makes for a stylish dish.

The appearance of the dish is also important.

Taste the colors and arrangement of the food with your eyes.

This includes the shape, color, and texture of the bowl.

I believe that all countries have the same idea.

In the case of Japan, I guess you could call it the heart of harmony.

It is the wish to make the food more delicious.

Coloring is something that advanced cooks can do.

It can only be done if you can afford it.

I can’t do it well.

I often make dishes that don’t look good, but I don’t mind.

Why do you think that is?

Because I want my food to be good.

There is no harmony, but there is love.

But even if there is love, there are times when the food doesn’t taste good.

There are times like that.

少し上達してきたかな 卵焼き I think I’m getting a little better at frying eggs.


Fried egg are getting more stable in shape.


Making Fried egg is becoming more and more fun.

Repetition is the key to improvement.

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