English translation

2023年目標設定 2023 goal setting


I think many of you are starting work today.



I want to set goals for this year and improve myself.


We will climb even higher.

ブログの英訳 English translation of blog


This is a goal from last year.


I would like to continue translating past blogs into English.



I managed to reach half of it last year, so I hope I can catch up this year.

本を読む I read a book


There are many books that I am reading.


I have over 100 books on the bookshelf in my room, and even more at my parents’ house.


I buy it because it looks interesting, but I haven’t read it since then.



The problem is that I read at a slow pace, but I would like to read at least one book a month and write a book review.

有休を使う use paid leave


I’m so busy that I don’t have time to use my paid vacation.


Every year, I used paid time off to take time off due to a cold or illness.



I usually take about 5 days of sick leave a year, so I manage to keep up with labor standards.



It’s a shame if that’s the case.

I will do my best to aim for 10 days.


今年の目標 2022年 Goals for this year 2022 あけましておめでとうございました。 Congratulations on your new year! 今年は3つ...

Memo: Causes of colds

I heard a rumor from a senior at the company.

It’s about the actions that cause colds.

The content is a little vulgar, so please refrain from reading if you are a holy person.

One of the causes of colds

It is said that picking boogers is not good for you.

Actually, I don’t think I can do anything if it’s just a booger.

However, it seems that my senior also asked the doctor.

I have no choice but to look into it.

Rumor was true

It says from conclusion.

It was true.

There seem to be two reasons.

damage the nasal mucosa

It seems that when you pick your nose, you damage the mucous membranes of your nose.

There seems to be a greater risk of injury, especially if the nails are long.

Caution is required.

Risk of stuffing boogers

Boogers are foreign substances such as viruses that have hardened together with nasal mucus.

When trying to remove a booger, you may end up pushing it deeper inside.

This will push the cause of the cold into your body.

Caution is required.


One of the causes of colds has been discovered.

I think the most effective countermeasure is not to pick boogers too much.

I would like to do my best with the minimum necessary.