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田んぼの手伝いをしてきました I helped with the farm work in the rice fields.



For the first time in more than 20 years, I helped with the farming of rice fields.



This time I helped with the bagging of rice.

久しぶりのじいちゃん家の納屋 It’s been a long time since I was in my grandfather’s barn



I had no idea when I was little, but there are quite a few tools in the barn.



There were many tools from my grandfather’s days as a master carpenter and tools for farming.


I was particularly interested in three of them.


・Impact driver


・Circular saw


・Hammer drill



I guess they use similar tools in industrial work, although their occupations are different.


It’s interesting and I’d like to explore it again.

米詰め作業きつい Packing rice is hard work






Even though it is called rice packing work, the machine does the hulling and rice discharging for us.

Once the bag is filled with 30 kg of rice, all I have to do is fold the end of the bag and tie it up.



The first hour was easy. As time goes by, my muscles and back get tighter.


At any rate, this is how it looked during the morning work.


This is about a third of the total amount.



This work is very hard for my father, who is over 60, and my grandmothers, who are close to 90.


I think I should have come to help them.


We finished in the evening.


I think we did a great job.


I can’t wait to help out again next year.


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Grandma and Grandpa are farmers.

Grandma and grandpa are also elderly.

It seems that the age of Japanese farmers is getting older every year.

The average age is 66.8 years old.

They are quite old.

Looking around the world, it seems that the aging of the population is similar in developed countries.

The average age is about 60 years old.

It can be said that countries that are now called developing countries will eventually face the same problem.

I believe that the reason for the small number of farmers is due to the way they work.

It is physical labor and hard work.

In addition, there are no holidays. It is necessary to manage rice paddies and fields on a daily basis.

Without vacations, they cannot go on trips or go to Disneyland.

It is a serious problem. They can’ t go to Disney!

All we need to go to Disney is time and money.

We need to build a system that allows farmers to take time off.

That could be mechanization or automation.

It needs to be inexpensive so that it can be spread to individual farmers.

And money.

No young person will want to become a farmer unless the income is commensurate with the amount of work.

I think it is a key industry for the country, so there should be support from the government.

There is nothing better than more food.

If there is a surplus, it can be processed and made into preserved food or exported.

In any case, the burden on farmers must be reduced.

Let’s work hard so that everyone can travel.

In the meantime, what I can do is to buy vegetables and eat lots of them.

I believe that this will go around and help the farmers.

Vegetables are delicious. Let’s eat vegetables. Ya!