English translation

仕事用のタブレットが欲しい I want a tablet for work.



My work notebook is falling apart.


It’s time to replace it.


I’m thinking of taking this opportunity to become a tablet owner.

他の人が使っている様子をみると When I see how other people are using it


It seems to be very convenient.


My customers and junior staff are using it.


There are three specific things I like about it.


・I don’t have to carry around paper documents.


・I can save my notes as they are.


・It is cool.


I will consider purchasing one.

軽く調べてみると種類がいっぱい There are a lot of types with light research


Lots of choices with a little light research.



Screen size, OS, manufacturer, and budget also come into play.



It’s an expensive purchase, so I’ll think about it and buy.


I look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

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I really admire cool things.

Everything has an end or an end point.

What is the end of coolness?

I don’t know about coolness because I am not cool to begin with.

I couldn’t find it on the Internet.

So I try to think about other endings.

For example, the end of sadness.

It is said that a new world will open up at the end of sadness because it is after the end of sadness.

For example, the end of joy.

There are two kinds of the end of joy.

The first is to start moving toward a different kind of joy. This is more like a turning point than an end.

The other is to experience an unprecedented despair.

I think the common factor about endings is that they are turning back.

It is a reverse movement.

In other words, it is a sign that lame thinking at the end of coolness has led to the end of coolness.

It means that the dorkier a guy is, the more he may be the one who has fully pursued coolness.

Lame guys are cool. This will be on the test. Take note of it.

The typical Japanese otaku’s attire may be lame, but it may also be the end of coolness.

There is another fact that supports the idea that the end of cool is lame.

It is a fashion show.

The more famous a fashion show is, the more eccentric the clothes seem to be.

I would never want to wear them on the street.

That’s what I mean.