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アップルペンシルゲット よりスマートに Apple Pencil Get Smarter


I got an Apple Pencil.


It was quite a long road.

品薄の原因 The reason for the shortage


The pencil is the same for regular iPad, Air, pro and mini.


That’s why it is in high demand.



In addition to that, demand is increasing due to the impact of handing out learning tablets to schools.

私が購入したのはiPad Air だったので



I purchased an iPad Air, so I was able to get the tablet itself.

The iPad was on a waiting list.

やっぱりタブレットはペンシルがいい I still prefer Pencil for tablets.


It is comfortable to write on.



Mostly thanks to the surface sheet, but it’s great to be able to handwrite notes on an electronic device.


I feel like I can do 50% more work.

とりあえず絵 At any rate, I drew a picture.


I tried drawing a picture.


It’s not so bad.


It is comfortable to write on.

Note: I wonder why I am not a good painter?

As you can see, I am not a good painter.

Even if I try to draw well, it doesn’t work.

The reason is that the picture I have in my head is not the same as the picture I have in my hand.

If you try to draw what is actually in front of you, it will not work.

It will be a little bit out of place, and in the end it will be something completely different.

What is the cause of this?

I looked it up on the Internet.

My conclusion was that it was due to a lack of observation and experience.

Lack of observation makes the image in my mind vague.

It is a mosaic or a haze.

If you try hard to draw it, it will not work.

It is necessary to observe carefully and understand the structure and composition.

There are two types of lack of experience.

The first is not knowing the technique.

The second is not drawing enough.

I think that people who are good at drawing know the technique by feel, without being taught it.

Those of us who are not good painters do not understand this. Therefore, we have no choice but to learn the technique.

The way we draw is one thing, but the way we observe things is probably different from that of a good artist.

The same goes for the amount of drawing. We cannot do what good people can do by feel.

We simply need practice.

It seems that these things are necessary in order to draw well.

The point is that this is all it takes to get good at it.

Look well, learn well, and draw well.

I feel as if I were a student again.

You will feel fresh no matter how old you are.

I am a middle-aged freshman.

It is not only young people who can always grow.

Old men can always grow, too.

I will do my best.


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