English translation

疲れた時にニンニクたべたい 新商品のニンニク焼きそばを食べてみます I want to eat garlic when I’m tired. I’ll try the new garlic yakisoba.



When I’m tired, I like to eat a lot of garlic to cheer me up.



I just found the newly released cup yakisoba and would like to try it.

一平ちゃん ニンニク塩だれ味です。

Ippei-chan’s garlic salt sauce flavor.

中身は The contents are


I could smell the garlic from the moment I opened the lid.


There are three sachets inside.


Liquid sauces, instant ingredients, special mayonnaise.


Add instant ingredients.


Add hot water and wait for 3 minutes.


Discard the hot water.


Add liquid sauce and special mayonnaise.


Mix and complete.


I feel like the garlic smell subsides a little while I mix it.


I failed. Instant ingredients were something that could be added later.


But I don’t care.

お味は The taste is



I like yakisoba with salt sauce and eat it often, but this one is one of the best among them.


I like seafood-based salt sauce yakisoba, but I think it’s good to have something like this once in a while.



I thought I got used to the smell of garlic while making it, but when I ate it, it was definitely garlic.


It might have been better if the garlic had been left behind to give it an even more garlicky taste.


I would like to check it thoroughly next time before adding it.


It wasn’t too greasy so I was able to finish it all.

Note: Find out about the smell of garlic.

Speaking of garlic, it is its unique smell.

Depending on when you smell it, it may smell good or it may smell bad.

In my case, I find cooking to be a pleasant smell, and smells from people and places to be unpleasant.

I tried to find out about the mysterious smell of garlic.

source of smell

The source of the odor is a component called allicin.

When allicin is cut, it reacts with enzymes in the air and becomes alinine.

This is the characteristic smell of garlic.

When allicin enters the body, it is broken down to produce a component called allyl mercaptan.

This is the cause of the bad odor.

Allyl methyl sulfide also has a characteristic garlic odor.

However, this odor stays inside the body and does not go away easily.

Effect of smell

Allicin, along with other enzymes, has antibacterial effects that attack bacteria and viruses.

It also combines with vitamin B1 and turns into an ingredient that is effective in recovering from fatigue.

Allyl methyl sulfide has the effect of thinning the blood.

Garlic is amazing after all.

How to deal with smells

If you look into it, it seems like there are quite a few solutions.

Here is the perfect equipment.

Before meals

Drinking milk is effective in preventing odor.

It seems that the fat and odor components of milk combine to create something odorless.

While eating

Taking polyphenols contained in green tea, coffee, etc. is effective in reducing odors.

After meal

It’s an apple. Apple juice is also OK.

Apple polyphenols suppress odor.

before sleep

Brush your teeth and take supplements.

Brush your teeth quickly and thoroughly.

As for supplements, champignon extract seems to be effective.

The extract extracted from the mushroom called champignon is said to be extremely effective.


It’s a shame that you can’t eat delicious food because you’re worried about the smell.

I want to find the cause and take measures to enjoy cooking.

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