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夢のような景色 コスモス満開 A dream-like view of cosmos in full bloom


I went cosmos watching.


The cosmos were in full bloom and the scenery was dreamlike.

夢の平スキー場 Yumenodaira Ski Resort


This is called Yume no Daira.


It is located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.


It takes about an hour from central Toyama city.


I think it takes about 30 minutes from Takaoka.


It’s close to the city considering it’s a ski resort.


The address is here.


22, Gotani, Genya, Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture

夢のような光景 a dream-like scene


The cosmos are in full bloom and it is a dream-like sight.


This is a ski slope in a cosmos flower garden.


Is beautiful.



Because there are so many cosmos, the maze is well formed.




I came to a dead end many times, but I really enjoyed it because dead ends are perfect for taking photos.


We were able to take the lift to the top.


From the top you can see the plains.


The view of the cosmos fields from the top of the lift is also spectacular.


Please see it.

開催は明日まで The event continues until tomorrow


The 2022 event will run until the 16th.


I’m doing it until tomorrow.


Please give it a try.


We would like to go again next year.

家のコスモス cosmos at home


The cosmos at home are also blooming.


It’s still a cute flower.


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コスモスが咲きました 秋の花 Cosmos has bloomed, autumn flowers 植えていたコスモスが咲きました。 The cosmos that I had planted has bloomed. ...

Memo: I feel like Tonami has a lot of flower events.

I’ve noticed recently that Tonami City seems to have a lot of events related to flowers.

I tried to find out what kind of events are going on.

When I looked back at past articles, there were two that I had been to.

I will introduce them all at once.

Spring/Tulip Fair

A tulip fair will be held at Tulip Park in Tonami City.

This event is held from the end of April to the beginning of May.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tonami is associated with the tulip fair.

It is the most famous event in Tonami, and is a big event with about 300,000 visitors.

秋のチューリップ公園 新鮮です Autumn tulip park fresh 秋のチューリップ公園に行ってきました。 I went to the tulip park in autumn. 数...

Summer/Flower Festival

This event will be held at Raijo no Mori in Tonami City.

It is held from early to mid-June.

This is an event where the flower irises are blooming.

Local students also participated in the event.

Although it is a community-based event, it seems that there are about 50,000 visitors.

I’m surprised that there are so many.

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Autumn/Cosmos watching

This is the event introduced in the main article above.

I tried to find out how many people were coming, but I couldn’t find out.

There were quite a few cars, so we can expect a fairly large number of visitors.


There are three surprisingly big events.

Actually, there are other events as well.

I’ve never been there, so I can’t give you a detailed introduction.

Write down the name of the flower for the event.

These include cherry blossoms, moss phlox, daffodils, and tulips.

I would like to introduce you again when I go to the event.

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頼成の森 花しょうぶ祭りに行ってきました 富山に生まれて30年以上たちますが 初めてこの祭りに行ってきました。 頼成の森で開催されている 花しょうぶ祭りです。...