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夏野菜終了のお知らせ 植え替えします Notice of end of summer vegetables. We will replant them.


We are nearing the end of September.


Summer vegetables are almost over.


I will replant it.

今年の夏野菜の結果 This year’s summer vegetable results


The bitter gourd and perilla leaves that were planted at the end of the season can still be harvested here and there.


I would like to take a closer look at these two.


We were able to continue harvesting cherry tomatoes.


I was getting 2 or 3 pieces a day.


The eggplant is just so-so.


I think I was able to get it to some extent.


Cucumbers didn’t work out.


It didn’t work after just 2 or 3 shots.


Was it because it was too hot?


I don’t know the cause, but I want to try again next year.

植え替えします I will replant


Replant cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplants.


Plant radishes and turnips instead.


I want them to grow up healthy.


I took a photo, but I can’t tell which is which.



I got some cosmos seedlings at the store, so I’m going to plant those as well.



I don’t know what color cosmos will bloom, but I’m looking forward to it too.


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夏の野菜もそろそろ終わり きゅうりを植え替えます Summer vegetables are almost over and I'll be replanting his cucumbers. お盆を過ぎて急に暑さがやわらぎました。 After Obon, the heat suddenly subsided. ...
コスモスが咲きました 秋の花 Cosmos has bloomed, autumn flowers 植えていたコスモスが咲きました。 The cosmos that I had planted has bloomed. ...

Memo: The moment you feel the end of summer

No matter how hot the summer is, it will always end.

I would like to introduce when Japanese people feel that summer is over.

I will introduce it from my perspective, so please use it as a reference.

change in temperature

The most distinctive feature of summer is the heat.

I think many people will feel the end of summer as the heat eases.

It goes without saying, but changes in temperature are the easiest to understand.

Especially at the end of summer, mornings and evenings feel cool. It’s still hot during the day.

It is generally said that the weather gets cooler after the Obon season (mid-August).

Changes in the time of sunset

In my imagination, it feels like autumn when we enter September, but these days there are many hot days even in September.

At times like these, you feel the end of summer when the sun sets.

No matter how hot the days are, the sun will definitely set earlier.

In summer, it’s often bright even at 7pm.

When it starts to get dark around 6pm, you can feel the end of summer.

It’s at this sudden moment that I realize that summer is coming to an end, and I realize that it’s already dark at this hour.

And I’m glad that I realized that.

Changes in insect sounds

A characteristic of summer is the sound of insects.

Speaking of summer insects, they are cicadas.

Cicadas have distinctive sounds such as meen, meen, and jirijirijiri.

This changes as we approach the end of summer.

The cicada’s sound is tsuk-tsukuboushi.

Along with this, you can also hear the sounds of bell bugs and crickets in autumn.

This is the moment when you feel the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.


The ones introduced this time are common ones, and the moment when each person feels the end of summer is different.

Please experience the end of summer in Japan.

I feel like I’ve become a more sophisticated adult.