English translation

濃厚油そばを食べます。 アブラアブラアブラがやばそう Eat rich oil soba.  Oil OiL OiL looks dangerous


I found the greasy cup yakisoba from the name.

アブラ!アブラ!アブラ!濃厚油そば です。

Oil! Oil! Oil! Rich oil soba.


I bought it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to eat it all.

中身は The contents are


There are three sachets inside.


Seasoning sauce, seasoning oil, and ingredients.


I’m going to put in ingredients.


Add hot water and leave for 5 minutes.


Warm the seasoning sauce and seasoning oil on the lid.


Discard the hot water.


Add the seasoning sauce and seasoning oil.


Mix and complete.


It looks oily.

お味は The taste is


As expected, the oil is strong.


But this one is good.


The oil is strong, but I get the impression that there is a lot of oil entwined with the noodles.


There is no extra oil at the bottom of the cup.



The oil is strong but not overly oily. It coats the noodles well.

It feels like it’s covered in flavor.


It has a soy sauce flavor, but it has a strong flavor.


It’s a nice seasoning to go with alcohol.


As I’m getting older, it was difficult for me to eat this whole thing on its own.


I could eat it if I had it with a vegetable salad.



It leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and you can eat it all by adding oil repeatedly.


The smell is strong, so if you’re planning on going on a date, I think it’s best to refrain from using it.


You may be hesitant to kiss.


Please note that the following link contains 12 pieces.

Memo: Why oil is delicious

Oil is used in abundance in the delicious foods we eat every day.

Also, many seasonal ingredients are fatty, so they are all delicious.

I can say with certainty that fat and oil are both delicious.

I’m going to look up the secret behind the deliciousness of oils and fats on the internet.

taste of oil

In fact, it seems that oil and fat themselves have no delicious elements.

Since they are originally tasteless and odorless, they are not tasty on their own.

When I think back on it, the fatty parts of a steak, the fatty parts of a pork cutlet, and the beef fat found in supermarkets are not very tasty.

It doesn’t seem like you eat too much because of the oil.

This was a surprising fact as I had always believed that obesity was caused by oil and fat.

oil effect

Oil has amazing effects.

It enhances the sweetness and flavor of ingredients.


Additionally, the fat that enters your mouth improves the texture of the food.

It moistens the food and gives the sensation of melting fat when you put it in your mouth.

It is quite amazing that it has the effect of increasing taste.

When it comes to delicious food, it’s easy to eat too much.

In the end, the cause of obesity was oil and fat.


I found out that the fat makes the food taste even more delicious.

It is assumed that for humans since ancient times, it has been very important to remove fat in their lives.

I thought that it was the body’s mechanism to make it easier to ingest fat that has no taste or scent.

The result made me feel the mystery of the human body.