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源泉徴収票を見てふるさと納税追加 Add hometown tax by checking withholding tax slip


At the end of the year, I received a tax withholding slip from my company.


I can see all my salary and deductions for this year.


That means I know how much hometown tax I can pay this year.

寄付可能額を確認 Check the amount you can donate



Due to my personality, I don’t like paying too much, and I don’t like not paying too much and losing money.


In other words, I’m a stingy person.


So I would like to accurately calculate the amount that can be donated.

ふるさと納税シミュレーション Hometown tax payment simulation


I was worried so I looked it up on three sites.


I did it last time, and I’ll do it again this time.


The first is Rakuten Hometown Tax.



In the end, I choose Rakuten as a return gift for my hometown tax, so it’s easy to use.


The second one is Satofuru.


I often see it in TV commercials. It may be the most famous in Japan.


The third option is hometown choice.


It was my first time seeing this site. The entries were a little difficult to understand.


I compared the amount that can be donated.


Rakuten had the lowest score, while Furusato Choice had the highest score.


I don’t want to pay too much, so I would like to choose a return item at Rakuten’s price.


Next time I will try to simulate using only Rakuten.

返礼品に悩む Worried about return gifts


When I look at the return gifts, I see a lot of attractive things.



There are too many I can’t decide.

I would like to mainly search for food-related places that I was glad I ordered last time.


It looks like it’s going to be last minute, but I want to choose wisely.


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Memo: I feel like I have to pay a lot of taxes in the spring.

Spring is the beginning of a new life, including graduation, admission, and employment.

So, there are a lot of expenses.

In addition to that, I feel like I have to pay a lot of taxes.

I looked into the taxes to be paid in the spring.

taxes paid in spring

As a result of my research, there were three.

I will introduce it from the perspective of a company employee.

The first is the tax on your final tax return.

If you have any supplementary income, you must file a tax return by the end of March.

Your final tax return will tell you how much additional tax you will have to pay.

However, you may receive a tax refund, so you should definitely file your final tax return.

The second is automobile tax.

Vehicle owners must pay this tax.

If you are due for a vehicle inspection, etc., your application will not be accepted unless you have paid your vehicle tax.

The third is fixed asset tax.

I pay in installments, so payments occur every spring.


After all, there are a lot of payments in spring.

My savings are decreasing rapidly.

I want a summer bonus early.