English translation

ゆず酒忘れてました I forgot about the yuzu wine.



I must take out the peel in the yuzu wine soon.


I completely forgot about it.

半月ほど遅れる I’m about half a month late.




Last time I made yuzu wine by soaking yuzu peels, berries, and iced sugar in white liquor.



Originally, the peel should be removed after about two weeks.



I completely forgot about it and it’s already been over a month.

ゆず酒の現在 Yuzu wine as it is now


It looks like this.


The ice sugar has completely melted.


The peel and fruit are floating on the surface.


When I put it on, it was precipitated.



Probably, this is because the specific gravity of the liquor became heavier after the sugar was dissolved.


I didn’t think I could learn science in such a place.


It looks fine to me as a state of yuzu wine.

皮を取り出すぞ Let’s take out the peel.


Let’s take out the peel.



I struggled a lot because I am not good at using chopsticks.


Once the peel is removed, it looks much cleaner.


The amount of fruit is also reduced by about 10%.


Next time, I will take out the fruit in two months.


I am looking forward to it.

Memo: Why study?

What is the reason for studying is a very difficult question.

When I was a college student, a junior asked me this question.

At that time, I could not answer well.

What do you study for?

Clearly, we rarely use what we learn in school in our daily lives.

Things like the square root theorem, history, how to identify plants, and how to read ancient texts are completely useless.

But it is necessary in order to go on to higher education or to get a job.

Studying for the purpose of studying is one reason.

But it is boring.

My thoughts.

I think it is to know the names of things.

If you don’t know the names of things, you cannot recognize them correctly.

If we don’t know the names of things, we cannot perceive them correctly, and if we don’t perceive them correctly, we may become afraid of them, or we may hurt or be hurt by them.

Names can be things, phenomena, feelings, and many other things.

That is why I think schools teach many different genres.

Even in the case of the yuzu wine this time, I didn’t get suspicious when the peel was taken out late or when the peel and fruit were floating.

If I really didn’t know anything about it, I might have been scared and thrown it all away.

Knowing the names also makes life richer.

I don’t know the name of a flower on the side of the road, but if I knew it, it might be a conversation starter.

If you are aware of your role in the world, you will not get lost.

I believe that studying is a way to know.


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