English translation

岡崎再び 今度はスーパーホテル岡崎へ Okazaki again, this time to Super Hotel Okazaki


I am a fan of Super Hotel.



I stayed at Super Hotel Okazaki because I had a business trip to Okazaki.

部屋の様子はgood The room is good


The room is very clean.


Just by entering the room, you will be healed.


There is a USB port near the bed.



This time, I found a charger near the desk.


I’m glad to see it.



The bath is clean and the temperature of the water is easy to adjust.

その他情報 Other information

駐車場 Parking lot


Parking is available nearby.



However, if you can’t make a reservation You have to park far away from the hotel.

飲食店情報 Restaurant Information


There is a little distance to a convenience store.


There are many bars around Higashi-Okazaki station.


It is a good distance to go to a bar.


There is also a convenience store on the way, so it is convenient.

接客 Customer Service


The people at the hotel are really great.


I would like to stay here again if I have the chance.

Okazaki’s Specialties


I have been to Okazaki several times, but I actually don’t know much about Okazaki.

I looked it up on the Internet and asked acquaintances.

I heard that the most famous one is Hatcho miso.

It seems that the name comes from the fact that it was located within a distance of Hatcho from Okazaki Castle.

There are two miso storehouses in the city.

I heard that some places allow you to tour the miso storehouse.

Hatcho miso is a type of red miso.

It is my personal preference, but I do not like aka-miso because it is too salty.

But people who like it seem to love it.

Especially people in Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Shizuoka, and Mie prefectures) seem to have a tendency to like it.

Try it and see if you like it. If you like it, you can buy it immediately.

Awa Yuki

This is a famous confectionery of Okazaki.

It is sold at a store called Bizenya.

I looked it up on the Internet and found that it is a very white and fluffy confection.

I would like to try it next time.


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