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200記事到達 なかなか時間かかりました Reached 200 articles. It took quite a while.


This is finally the 200th article.


It is updated 2-3 times a week.



There are times when I have to go on a business trip for a week or two, but I’ve managed to keep going.


I reached 100 articles in August of last year, and it took me about a year to reach it.


I think the pace is probably slow.

記事の傾向 Article trends


I am proceeding as a miscellaneous blog.



My articles so far have tended to introduce hotels I’ve visited on business trips and the cup noodles I ate at those hotels.


Occasionally, there will be information about home gardens, children’s play areas, and books.



Continuity is important, so I would like to write what is easy to write at the time.

翻訳の進捗 Translation progress


The translation progress of past blog articles is about 40%.


For whatever reason, we are also moving forward with this.



I mostly rely on DeepL translation,I would like to move forward with this as well.

100記事突破 100 articles surpassed おかげさまで 100記事突破致しました。 Thanks to all of you, we have passed the...
なんとこれで300記事到達。あれまぁ ついにここまで来ました。 この投稿で300個目になります。 なんとまぁよく続けれたものです。 投稿頻度 ...

Memo:Translator’s work

Documents from daily work, literary works, books, movies, TV programs, and many other things are shared around the world.

In order to be shared, it must be translated into the local language of consumption.

Translation professionals are translators.

However, these days there are free translation sites such as Google Translate and DeepL.

I was curious about whether jobs would disappear, so I did some research on translators.

Translator’s fee

The range of compensation for translators seems to be quite wide.

If you get a job at a company and do translation work, the cost is around 2 million yen to 6 million yen.

In the case of freelance work, the cost is likely to range from 1 million yen to several tens of millions of yen.

Veteran freelancers tend to receive higher compensation.

The reason the compensation is higher is because the work is more difficult than usual and the unit cost of the work is higher.

In particular, book translation, subtitle creation for movies, etc., dubbing translation for movies, etc. are high-paying jobs that are often left to veteran translators.

In addition, in the case of translation work that generates royalties for books, etc., the remuneration will increase depending on the sales of the translated books.

If successful, it would be a dream job.

Impact of translation sites and software

There are many translation sites and software, but they don’t seem to have much of an impact.

In fact, translators seem to be making good use of it.

It seems that the accuracy and efficiency of translation are taken into consideration.

It seems that the software used is the professional version of DeepL, Trados studio, memoQ, etc.

Will translators disappear?

This is just my opinion, but I think the work of translators will remain.

It won’t go away, but I think that technical papers and papers that use a lot of technical terms will be replaced by AI.

This is because such documents are written in such a way that anyone who reads them will understand them in the same way, so I think that in the future AI with advanced learning will be able to handle this.

Subtitles for novels and movies are difficult to use with AI, so I think this will always be a job for translators.

This is because it is necessary to appropriately express the nuances of human expression.

In addition, new words and meanings such as youth words and slang are constantly being created.

I think a human translator can handle this.